They stood firm on the frontlines of Singapore’s battle against the Covid-19 pandemic, and continue to serve the nation even as Singapore starts to loosen restrictions. 

The Lion City Sailors stand with Singapore in saluting the healthcare workers of our country. 

The Sailors invite Singapore’s healthcare heroes to this Friday’s Singapore Premier League (SPL) fixture against Hougang United at the Jalan Besar Stadium to catch the action – for free. 

And in the spirit of going the extra mile as several of our healthcare workers do, the Sailors would also like to go a little further and offer free 15-minute shoulder massages to our healthcare heroes in the stadium.

“We are wildy appreciative of our healthcare workers’ service to the nation and all the sacrifices that they have made in keeping Singapore safe,” said Sailors Chief Executive Officer, Chew Chun-Liang. 

“Even though it is just a small gesture, we felt that the Sailors must try and serve our healthcare heroes just as they’ve served us – hence our offer of shoulder massages in the stadium, as a token of our gratitude to the people who shouldered a key facet of the work in keeping Singapore safe,” added Chun-Liang.

“To our healthcare heroes: please come and enjoy the match – on us. The Sailors thank you for your service.” 

To redeem match tickets, healthcare workers simply have to show ticketing staff any form of work identification, such as a staff pass. Healthcare workers can then register their interest for massages with staff on the ground who provide more details. Conditions for entry as stipulated by the Football Association of Singapore, in accordance with Sport Singapore guidelines must be met.