Local healthcare practitioner AMP Lab will be the Official Partner of the Lion City Sailors Women’s Team for the entirety of the 2024 Deloitte Women’s Premier League (WPL) season, renewing a partnership which started in July 2023.

The first of its kind in Singapore to offer physiotherapy, exercise physiology and sports science services all under one roof, AMP Lab brings their wealth of expertise in these fields to empower the reigning WPL champions with advanced training methodologies, performance analysis and injury prevention strategies.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the growing drive for excellence for the women’s game in Singapore, while underlining the commitment of both organisations to provide a sturdy support structure to nurture the Sailors women.

The key highlights of these partnership include:

  1.       A structured Strength and Conditioning program

AMP Lab will design and conduct strength and conditioning (S&C) sessions specially tailored for women footballers. These sessions are focused on optimising physical fitness and agility, ensuring the Sailors are primed for success on the field and peak in performance levels throughout the season.

  1.       Sports Science support

Through key facets of Sports Science that include biomechanical analysis and recovery strategies, the Sailors women will receive holistic player development which addresses both physical and mental aspects of the game.

  1.       Injury prevention and rehabilitation

AMP Lab’s expertise will be leveraged to establish comprehensive injury prevention protocols and rehabilitation programs for players, aimed at reducing risk of injuries and facilitating swift and effective recovery.

  1.       Educational initiatives

The partnership goes beyond the field, with AMP Lab also instrumental in organising workshops and resources to empower the footballers with knowledge on exercise physiology and athlete nutrition.

A strong supporter of women’s sports having partnered with sports groups like volleyball, frisbee and touch rugby in secondary schools and Institutes of Higher Learning in the past decade, it was a no-brainer for AMP Lab to partner with the Sailors.

“At AMP Lab, we are actively challenging societal norms by asserting our firm belief in the inherent capabilities of women to demonstrate physical strength on the pitch and excel in contact sports, analogous to their male counterparts,” said AMP Lab’s Strength and Conditioning coach, Etienne Ding.

“We believe through a calibrated S&C approach and supported by our team of experts, we envision women footballers embracing a dynamic and accelerated style of play. Our overarching objective extends beyond the sporting arena – we seek to establish a comprehensive ecosystem conducive to nurturing female athletes’ growth, concurrently encouraging local businesses to endorse and support women’s sports.

“The discernible alignment between AMP Lab and the Sailors in our collective vision for female athletes is resolute. I am confident that our partnership will yield an exponential positive impact on the team and significantly elevate the landscape of women’s sports,” he added.

The effect of AMP Lab on the Sailors women is already evident a few months into the partnership.

“Most of us in the team, especially the younger ones, grew physically stronger after we started working with AMP Lab last year, and distinctly so. That really helped us in terms of endurance and individual battles out on the pitch. Now we’re much more aware of how to improve our fitness when we work out on our own time,” said Sailors defender Nur Umairah Hamdan.

“The biggest benefit is a structured S&C program which keeps track of our individual progress and ensures we are in peak condition throughout the season.”