The return of the Singapore Premier League has generated much excitement in the football fraternity here, and while we’re enjoying the quality football that coach Aurelio Vidmar and his charges are putting on show, the club is not resting on its laurels.

In preparation for the much-anticipated return of football beyond the SPL, the club is implementing a plan for our Women’s team, and we’d like you to come on board!

The club is moving to implement a broad plan to boost the level of our Women’s team, including revamping our game model and putting in place the Sailors’ style of football that we are already starting to be familiar with.

Open Trials

The Women’s team is opening our doors to women players across the country as we look to expand our playing roster to form two competitive squads of up to 25 players each.

Open trials for all interested female players born before January 2004 (aged 16 and above), including Permanent Residents and foreigners, will be held on 22nd November between 3pm – 4.45pm, at 8 Mattar Road.

Fitness levels, individual technical ability and tactical knowledge are some key aspects that coaches will look for in trialists.

Safety Measures at trials

Safety measures in accordance with the Football of Singapore (FAS) policies and Sport Singapore (SportSG) directives will be implemented at these trials, including strict adherence to separated grids on the pitch, keeping to groups of five, and no intermingling between groups.

These measures will also be implemented in the closed trials that the club will conduct for existing players as we look to put in place squads with an ideal player composition within the squads in the club.

Closed Selection for all current LCS women’s team players will be held on 15th November from 3pm – 4.30pm, at 8 Mattar Road.

To facilitate the strict organisation of what is an unusual trial modality, we request that all interested trialists fill up this form ( to secure trial time slots as we seek to implement the required measures to keep Singapore safe.

Come and join the Sailors!

Trial details

  •         Open trials
  •         22nd November, 3pm – 4.45pm
  •         8 Mattar Road
  •         For women players born before January 2004 (aged 16 and above), including PRs and foreigners


  •         Closed selection
  •         15th November, 3pm – 4.30pm
  •         8 Mattar Road