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Sailors open their doors to family and new friends in the MacPherson community

As Majulah Singapura blared over the sound system at the Lion City Sailors Training Centre, the club’s first-team players, Academy trainees, MacPherson residents as well as Member of Parliament (MP) for MacPherson Single Member Constituency (SMC) Tin Pei Ling sang with gusto and proceeded to recite the National Pledge in unison, reaffirming their commitment to Singapore. 

It was quite the sight at the newly-opened Training Centre on Tuesday (9 August) morning as the club opened its doors to the community, hosting MacPherson Zone E Residents’ Committee (RC) and MacPherson Community Sports Club (CSC)’s National Day Observance Ceremony (NDOC) – the first time the Sailors welcomed the community at large.

Some 300 residents walked en mass from the MacPherson Community Centre across to the Training Centre on Mattar Road, where they partook in an ActiveSG workout, tried out a couple of sports, had a little bit of fun at some game booths and had the opportunity to soak up the atmosphere at the new home of the Sailors – with the Sailors first-team players and Academy trainees going through their paces on both pitches even as the event took place. 

It was a blazing hot morning, but it was clear that MacPherson residents enjoyed a meaningful morning and showed even greater warmth in their interactions with one another at a facility which was designed to support more than just elite sports. 

Apart from having a world-class facility to hone the skills of budding footballers, the newly-constructed Training Centre was aimed to facilitate service to residents and bring greater vibrancy to the Mattar neighbourhood and the MacPherson community. 

The Training Centre which includes a viewing area for the public, a café, as well as community-friendly spaces at Level 2 has started on good footing. 

Less than two weeks after its official opening on 28 July 2022, the Training Centre has already opened its doors to family, friends and the community across two events. 

Earlier on 31 July, the integrated facility opened its doors to families of players, coaches and staff from both the Sailors first team and Academy for its inaugural Family Day, offering all a first-hand look at the new home of the Sailors, as well as to soak up the fun and games on offer. 

After viewing the various facets of the Training Centre such as the Academy’s locker rooms, first team changing room and recreation room, the kids and younger ones had the chance to participate in an inflatable penalty game, four 1v1 stations and a bouncy castle – and also enjoyed treats like popcorn, candy floss and ice cream in what was a carnival at Mattar. 

One thing is for sure – the Sailors’ firm commitment to serving the grassroots and bringing the community together through football. 

“It has always been our aim to sink roots into Mattar and embrace the community around our new home. We’ve started regular discussions with our neighbours and the grassroots organisations here on possible collaborations, and we’re grateful that they’ve made us feel very welcome,” said Sailors Chief Executive, Chew Chun-Liang.  

“Through football, we can bring people together and do our bit to build a cohesive and united society in Singapore. And this will be the heart of everything we do, especially because football is one of the best vehicles to drive cohesion.” 

MP for MacPherson SMC, Tin Pei Ling was similarly looking forward to more collaborative efforts between the Sailors and MacPherson grassroots organisations in the future. 

She said: “Chun-Liang and his Sailors have been fantastic neighbours, from collaborating with our grassroots organisations in MacPherson for a Grant-a-Wish initiative in November 2021 even before they moved into Mattar Road, to now hosting a significant event like the NDOC. 

“We’re delighted that the Sailors have embraced the MacPherson communities as much as they have, and I look forward to further deepening our relationship with the club as they settle down here. 

“The Sailors’ wonderful facility opens up several options for various grassroot activities, and we’re delighted that they are so open to working with our grassroots.” 

Community News

Sailors partner with DAS to Score for Dyslexia

As part of the club’s ongoing drive to do its part for the community it lives in and serves, the Lion City Sailors have joined hands with the Dyslexia Association of Singapore (DAS) to dedicate an entire matchday to promote awareness of the cause.

The Sailors have pledged all ticket proceeds from their next Singapore Premier League (SPL) home match against Tampines Rovers on Sunday, 24 July to the DAS Bursary Fund to support more children with dyslexia from low-income families to gain access to the specialist intervention that they require.

This special matchday that comes as DAS celebrates its 30th anniversary will also see selected DAS students escorting the Sailors players out onto the pitch at Jalan Besar Stadium and serving as ushers at the venue as well.

Fans who attend the match to show their support for the cause can enjoy fringe activities including display stations featuring art pieces created by DAS students, games and other merchandise booths curated by DAS to amplify fundraising and promote awareness of dyslexia.

Individuals with dyslexia will have difficulty with reading, writing and spelling due to problems identifying speech sounds and learning how they relate to letters and words. Dyslexia affects areas of the brain that process language, however, it does not mean they cannot learn. Individuals with dyslexia just learn differently.

Renowned personalities such as F1 racing driver Lewis Hamilton, physicist Albert Einstein as well as Singapore’s founding Prime Minister Mr Lee Kuan Yew are known to have dyslexia.

Today an estimated 23,000 local students from pre-schools to secondary schools in Singapore have dyslexia severe enough to warrant intervention.

Studies have shown half of these children also face co-occurring challenges such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), dyspraxia, dyscalculia and Asperger’s Syndrome. As such, DAS needs to raise over S$2 million each year to provide bursaries for its lower-income students to gain access to the specialist support they need to be successful in learning.

Funds raised by the Sailors will be channelled to the broader DAS efforts as part of its 30th Anniversary celebrations that will culminate in its 2022 Charity Gala Dinner to be held on 7 September 2022 that will be graced by President Halimah Yacob – who will attend as the event’s guest-of-honour.

Delighted to be partnering DAS to help raise awareness on dyslexia and do their part for a greater cause, Sailors CEO Chew Chun-Liang said: “We’re grateful for DAS’ trust as we work together to do our bit for what is a learning difference that can be a cause for real life-long struggles for individuals and their families.

“This is DAS’ 30th anniversary, and we’re honoured to be a part of their efforts to commemorate all those decades of good work helping Singaporeans with dyslexia achieve more despite this learning difference.”

Sailors captain Hariss Harun was honoured for the Sailors to be able to lend their weight to what is a worthy cause.

He said: “It’s important for Singapore to have an inclusive society. We all must do our part and help the less privileged in our community.

“Kids with dyslexia have certain struggles and need all our help, so we’re absolutely delighted to be able to support this great initiative.”

DAS’ Assistant Director of Publicity and Publications, Deborah Hewes, is someone who can speak from personal experience. She grew up with dyslexia and all three of her children have similar learning differences.

“Learning with dyslexia is challenging and school can be really tough, but with perseverance and hard work learning becomes easier over time – just like playing sport, putting in the training and practice makes for a winning team! All students benefit from inspired teachers and coaches, and with the right support they can have the confidence to be successful in their life endeavours.

“Our DAS students can shine in many areas and sports can help to level the playing field where they can shine. Supported by their team and coaches, sports is a great way for a child to experience success,” she said.

Grateful for the support that the Sailors are giving to DAS students, she added: “The excitement of being on the pitch with some of their sporting idols and being part of this special event helps to raise awareness that learning differently is a challenge to embrace.”

Through the commitment of an entire matchday to the DAS cause, the Sailors hope to help raise funds for those affected by dyslexia and also foster greater understanding in the community through the Beautiful Game.

“Football can be a fantastic vehicle for worthy causes, and at the Sailors, we are firmly committed to doing our part for the communities that we live in and serve,” said Chun-Liang.

“We want to take this chance to rally the Sailors fans and the football fraternity to get behind the cause – come down, enjoy the game and perhaps learn something that also affected our founding Prime Minister, the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew.”

Tickets to the Sailors vs Tampines match are available on SISTIC. Tickets can also be purchased at the Jalan Besar Stadium’s ticketing counter at the North Gate on matchday.

See you Sailors fans on matchday as we look to come together and Score for Dyslexia!


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Terms and Conditions – #CelebrateLCSFC


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      1. To participate in the Competition, you must use your personal Instagram account to post on your own Instagram page, and must ensure that each entry is public and contains the hashtag #CelebrateLCSFC. Entries of Instagram posts to the Competition are limited to one per participant / person.
      2. Winning entries will be chosen by the Lion City Sailors marketing department and will be judged on creativity (in its sole discretion).
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Community News

Sailors salute Singapore’s Healthcare Heroes

They stood firm on the frontlines of Singapore’s battle against the Covid-19 pandemic, and continue to serve the nation even as Singapore starts to loosen restrictions. 

The Lion City Sailors stand with Singapore in saluting the healthcare workers of our country. 

The Sailors invite Singapore’s healthcare heroes to this Friday’s Singapore Premier League (SPL) fixture against Hougang United at the Jalan Besar Stadium to catch the action – for free. 

And in the spirit of going the extra mile as several of our healthcare workers do, the Sailors would also like to go a little further and offer free 15-minute shoulder massages to our healthcare heroes in the stadium.

“We are wildy appreciative of our healthcare workers’ service to the nation and all the sacrifices that they have made in keeping Singapore safe,” said Sailors Chief Executive Officer, Chew Chun-Liang. 

“Even though it is just a small gesture, we felt that the Sailors must try and serve our healthcare heroes just as they’ve served us – hence our offer of shoulder massages in the stadium, as a token of our gratitude to the people who shouldered a key facet of the work in keeping Singapore safe,” added Chun-Liang.

“To our healthcare heroes: please come and enjoy the match – on us. The Sailors thank you for your service.” 

To redeem match tickets, healthcare workers simply have to show ticketing staff any form of work identification, such as a staff pass. Healthcare workers can then register their interest for massages with staff on the ground who provide more details. Conditions for entry as stipulated by the Football Association of Singapore, in accordance with Sport Singapore guidelines must be met. 


Having once faced financial hardship, Naqiuddin now wants to lend a helping hand to those in need

When Lion City Sailors defender Naqiuddin Eunos was 13, his father, then the sole breadwinner of the household, suddenly found himself out of a job.

It was a terrible blow for Naqiuddin and his family – with Naqiuddin and his brother still schooling, and his younger sister just three years of age, the family struggled to make ends meet during that time.

It is why the full-back was enthused and eager to have participated in Beyond Social Services’ (BSS) food distribution programme.

“The loss of my father’s job came very suddenly, and it was a real shock to us. It led to a very tough time for my family in terms of finances,” 23-year-old Naqiuddin recalled. “Both my brother and I had school expenses to pay for, and my sister was still so young then, which meant my mother had to stay home to look after her.

“Thankfully, we did receive some aid from the financial assistance schemes in school, and I remember being really appreciative of this help. I realised then that every little bit of help counts, especially when it goes to someone who needs it.”

That difficult period in Naqiuddin’s life, however, helped to mould him into the hardworking, tenacious and motivated individual he is today – traits which are evident in the way he plays.

“From that time where we had to endure financial hardship, I made a promise to myself to work hard to achieve what I want so I won’t be a burden to my family in the future,” said Naqiuddin. “Instead, I want to support my family and give them a good life. That keeps me motivated to grind hard every day so that I can reach the top of my game.”

Having experienced how hard life can be for families who struggle financially, Naqiuddin is now keen to give back and help the disadvantaged members of society whenever he can.

Naqiuddin’s involvement in the food distribution programme came about as part of a collaboration between the Lion City Sailors and BSS, which saw our Sailors – both players and staff alike – volunteer their time and effort to pack and distribute food to BSS’ beneficiaries.


Speaking about the volunteering experience, Naqiuddin said: “All of us at the club were really happy to help in the programme. We all recognise that while we have enough resources in our lives, there are people in Singapore who need help, so it’s important for us to give a helping hand.

“We could see how difficult life was for some of the families, where they sometimes don’t have enough to eat, and live in very bare homes. Personally, I’ve seen my family struggle financially at one point of time in my life as well. Now that things in my life are stable, I want to give back to the community now, and do my part to help ease the burden in whatever way I can for the underprivileged.”


Sailors give out hand sanitizers as part of #BYOBclean initiative to battle Covid-19

It may have been his birthday on Sunday (Mar 29), but instead of celebrating his special day at home, Sailor Zulqarnaen Suzliman was out and about early in the morning at Our Tampines Hub (OTH) to do his part in helping the community battle Covid-19.

More commonly known by his nickname “Mamat”, Zulqarnaen, along with three other Sailors – Saifullah Akbar, Naqiuddin Eunos, and Haiqal Pashia – was at OTH to distribute hand sanitisers to the community, as part of the #BYOBclean initiative by Temasek Foundation.

“Even though it’s my birthday today, I decided to volunteer my time with this #BYOBclean initiative because I think it’s important that all of us come together to fight this virus,” said Mamat.

“We have to treat this (virus) seriously and do what we can to beat it. But what I’m doing today is still nothing compared to the frontline healthcare workers, who are working hard and sacrificing a lot more every day.”

With the suspension of team trainings and the Singapore Premier League (SPL) currently on hold, Mamat did, however, admit that it has been tough adapting to life without football.

“Of course, I miss football a lot,” said Mamat. “I miss the training, the grind, and playing matches. But I know I have to be patient for now and wait till everything is fine.”

Agreeing, Sailor midfielder Saifullah added that he was taking no chances with the virus, and was following all the safety guidelines – such as staying at home as much as possible, observing social distancing, and wearing a mask when he goes out – closely.

The 21-year-old explained that he is extra cautious when it comes to the virus, as he lives with his elderly grandmother and baby sister.

“Because of how old they are, I think my grandmother and sister are more vulnerable to the virus, and I don’t want to do anything that will put them at risk,” said Saifullah. “I’d rather be safe than sorry, so I take all the necessary precautions to ensure that we remain healthy.

“Nonetheless, I still decided to come out here to OTH today to help out in this initiative because it’s the right thing to do. As Sailors, we have a responsibility to give back and contribute to the community whenever we can.”

Apart from Saifullah and Mamat, four other Sailors – Adam Swandi, Naqiuddin Eunos, Haiqal Pashia and team manager Herwandy Hamid – also made the trip down to OTH during the week to take part in this initiative.

All of us at Lion City Sailors are proud to join in Singapore’s fight against Covid-19!